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When women are educated

It's said that knowledge is power. Maybe that's why they forge a million obstacles in her way of reaching an education. Casting narrow, towering walls that are chained all around her. Maliciously suppressing her under the weight of household chores and family's "honour". Why? Because they're afraid. Afraid of a woman receiving an education. You see when a woman is educated, she not only stands up for herself but she voices all the silent cries of her sisters. When a woman is educated she learns to love herself first and builds a propitious future for herself. But not just for herself. Oh she is an incredible woman. She opens possibilities and opportunities for the next ten to infinity generations after her. And it may be that they think an educated woman is a threat to their power. But no matter how many walls they build around her. No matter how high and darkening it gets. She'll break those walls down, she'll take her education and build herself a palace.  By Shakiba Alizadah AYA Member 

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