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With the current circumstances leading to the displacement of thousands of refugees from Afghanistan, the members of AYA have displayed a significant degree of passion and sympathy towards the refugees coming to the United Kingdom to embrace them with open arms and offer them our helping hands. However, we feel it is our obligation not as good citizens but also as those who have experienced a similar fate to those of the refugees. 

Based on the qualifications and the experience and skills possessed by our members, we have identified the following ways in which we can voluntarily offer our help during specific weekly hours on a regular basis as far as our help is enquired:

•    GP registration
•    English to Farsi and Pashto translation
•    Mental health support
•    Signing up for school or college 
•    One-to-one or group chat
•    Filling application forms
•    Booking appointments 

Our services are available online UK-wide, as we are a Wolverhampton based organisation, face to face help is possible in Wolverhampton and London.

Please keep in mind that we are not experts in the help we provide, these are the basic services we have the ability to offer and we do our best to deliver them in the most clear and efficient manner possible. We aim to offer our help in a manner that helps the refugees in the long-term. This project is designed to run for a long period to offer our continuous help to the refugees. 

We extend our help to non-refugees too. Those who may need the help we can offer should feel absolutely free to contact us and we will do our best to help them out. 

Farsi/Pushto version coming soon...

Mental Health Support
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