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There is this virus

There is this virus Named, Covid_19 That infected our planet

Which we inhabit to cherish As lockdown has inflicted

We stayed inside with family In our home sweet home

To let out some creativity We started patching shapes The clothes that worn by my mummy

When I was in her belly Which she stored... Till 2020 When we actually built, A memorial quilt With all the time and efforts

We really felt the comforts.

Judy Moody inspires me, In 2020 that I read her I got sucked in the books

As I am in her adventure I also follow the rules.... Respect the NHS for what they do Just want to keep everyone safe I appreciate the NHS all the way through The time we went through in 2020

May some people lost their love ones

Still I am blessed to have a life,

Friends and family by my sides

By Amilia Hamkar

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