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Afghan Youth Association works in the UK with a number communities especially with Afghan communities. Examples of our work in the UK are our annual event to celebrate International Women's Day, Annual Writing Competition to encourage and promote the talented youth within our community and online Farsi classes to ensure that younger generation can communicate with older generation. 

We also have a number of projects in Afghanistan such as supporting women financially into higher education and we have responded to covid-19 emergency fundraising for needy and poor people in Afghanistan 

Due to the structure of AYA and the members being scattered around the country, we are operating virtually and therefore do not have a physical address. You can always contact us via email ( or our social media platforms 

Our executive members are all around the England such as London, Birmingham, Leicester, Bath, Newcastle and so on, we have interest in different fields but our common goal is AYA's objectives 


During challenging times, donations from our supporters are an absolutely vital resource for AYA, and will help to ensure we can continue to reach those who need it most, and provide vital assistance to the most vulnerable.


Afghanistan suffers from one of the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world more than 50% of children under 5 years are chronically malnourished (stunted). You can feed a mother and a child for a month.


At least a quarter of Afghan children between ages 5 and 14 work for a living or to help their families. Many are employed in jobs that can result in illness, injury, or even death due to hazardous working conditions and poor enforcement of safety and health standards. You can help to stop child labor.


3.7 million kids  between age 7-17 in Afghanistan are not receiving schooling despite education being their constitutional right.  You help a kid out of street from work and give them opportunity to go school for a year


Afghan Youth Association is purely on volunteer based charity and none of our executives members or  trustees get paid by any means. Please support us to organise events and help community.

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