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Super Panda

Chapter 1: Pandas

Far, far away in ancient China, there lived a town full of cute and adorable pandas. But these pandas are special, very special indeed. Every single one of them are born with powers that unite or protect the world from evil and danger. The town was full of love, joy and happiness…until the first two twin cubs were born.

Chapter 2: Twins

One evening, a mother panda was about to have twin cubs! Her husband took her to the hospital, and they came back home with the twins… Mo and Po. Mo was a girl, and Po was a boy. They were great when they were together. They learned together, played together and got scared together. Po has earned his power to make people smile when they are sad, and Mo… well… she just sat and watched for she had yet to discover her secret power.

Chapter 3: A royal surprise

One day, Po and Mo were coming home from school to finish their home-work when BANG! CRASH! THUD! The ground shook and the town pandas were frightened of what has happened. Mo and Po just stood there, astonished and dazzled as a deep, loud, booming voice spoke to them. “HELLO MO AND PO! I AM YOUR KING…LIGHTNING!”  “LIGHTNING? K…KING LL…LIGHTT…TNING?” shuddered Mo as she spoke to the king. “YES MO! I AM KING LIGHTNING! WHY LOOK SO SCARED?” asked the king politely.

Chapter 4: A new feeling

“I didn’t know that you are a king.” said Mo, but this time she was feeling more confident.” “Why have you come here anyway?” asked Po. “GOOD QUESTION, PO! WELL I CAME HERE BECAUSE…BECAUSE…GOSH, I CAN’T REMEMBER! OH MY, HOW COULD I FORGET, I’M SUPPOSED TO BE YOUR KING!  OH WELL...I GUESS IT’S BAD LUCK FOR ME.” While he said this, Mo noticed he was a kind-hearted king.

Chapter 5: Super powers

“Does it require me?” asked Mo suspiciously. Then, King Lightning turned his frown upside down and shouted “MO, THE REASON I CAME HERE WAS BECAUSE OF YOU!” “What about me is so important your highness. I hope I have not caused any trouble. I have spent my whole life with my brother. He say’s that I am perfectly fine, but at this point, I don’t think he is telling the truth.”  Said Mo. King Lightning told Mo about what had happened. He told her that she was one of the special pandas who turns into a super panda. She was told that the next day after she had turned into a super panda, someone will turn into a villain!!! Mo had accepted the chance to become a super panda.

Chapter 6: Oh no

The next day, Mo had finally reached home then…STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Po had stomped out of the house and grunted at her. Oh no, my brother has turned into a villain thought Mo. I don’t want to battle my brother! What have I done! 


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