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As you must know, littering is a terrible thing. Plastic is the most common material to end up in the sea and on land. Did you know that we have produced 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic waste. Out of all that waste, just 9% has been recycled and only 12% of it has been incinerated. The rest of the 79% of it discarded in landfills or the natural environment. 9 billion tons of litter ends up being thrown out into the sea.

house gases and climate change. Our earth is being threatened by litter and pollution. Trees and plants produce the oxygen that we breathe every single day to help us survive but if we keep on littering, the pollution from the litter will kill the plants leaving a small amount of oxygen for us to breathe in. Have you ever seen an animal being threatened to death by eating or choking on plastic waste? The poor animals must have thought the plastic was food. Animals of all size are harmed and affected by the plastic in the sea and on land. An uninhabited island in the south Pacific Ocean is littered with rubbish and about 78 million pieces of plastic. Scientists believe that an island called Henderson island is covered in more plastic trash than anywhere else on the globe. However, no one has been bothered to clean this island and make it beautiful again. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the biggest garbage dump in the earth. The story behind all this mess starts with an ordinary plastic bag! Then another billion or trillion more. Scientists have found out the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is roughly three times the size of France! Surprisingly, around 45%of the Great pacific garbage patch is made of fishing nets that fishermen left in the sea. The great pacific garbage patch is so long it spans over a very long distance from North America’s west coast all the way to Japan! It can just take a single person to destroy a home or a habitat that belongs to sea life animal. Any animal can get caught up in any trash in all sorts of different ways. A bird might come down to eat some fish but then a piece of litter gets stuck on its neck. On the next day, a turtle might get strangled by a plastic bag. You might be thinking, why wouldn’t they just avoid the litter? Well, those poor, harmless, little creatures don’t know anything about education and what is the correct thing to eat. The turtle thought that the plastic bag was a jellyfish whilst the bird thought the rubbish was fish. Have you ever imagined being a sea animal. For example, a dolphin. You are swimming, but you soon get hungry. After searching for some minutes, you find an object floating in the distance. You go charging up to it without waiting for a moment. Then suddenly, you start to feel as if someone is strangling your neck. It is so painful, that you can’t move. If we do not stop this nonsense, then more and more animals will start to become extinct. Scientists predict that in the year 2030, the earth will have up to 8 billion tons of litter in total. Can you imagine our world if we carry on like this. The earth will just be a big junkyard planet in space. There will be no humans because there are no trees for us to get our oxygen from. Just one act can make a big difference. If you have a piece of rubbish in your hand, wait until you find a bin instead of throwing it away. At the beginning of earth, nature ruled earth, along with water. Everything was nice and calm, but when we came along, we started to make it different. At the beginning of time, we looked after everything. But soon we discovered some new materials and it made a big change. After the invention of plastic, people started littering and some people leave animal dung on some streets instead of cleaning it all up. Most people don’t really care if they throw a piece of rubbish on the ground. When we throw rubbish, it either ends up in the sea or on green land. Some of the chemical waste are being sent to poorer countries by the richer countries. The waste that we produce will make global warming which can lead to natural disasters like water pressure to rise. This will cause a tsunami. It can be a flash flood which only takes a matter of minutes or seconds! You would not be able to escape in time to rescue yourself. Some people are lucky, and they retreat before the flood occurs. Life is hard for some people on earth because of the waste. Life is hard for allot of people in the world. waste does not just harm water in the seas, it also harms the water in our homes. Some of the waste can dissolve into the water and some of that unhealthy water might be able to sneak into our homes. The water can also make us sick so if we stop polluting, we will be able to help the water become fresh and clean like it used to be over one thousand years ago. So, let’s all be kind to our nature and the earth by stopping polluting.

Author Tabassom Heidari

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