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The life of our planet.

The planet earth, our planet, a planet that is home to over 7.53 billion people all over the earth. We live happily, but have you ever thought about the trees that are living outside our houses. There are over 3 trillion trees in our earth, well, they are dying at an alarming rate. We care only about ourselves and others but have we ever cared about those trees that grow near and far from our homes. We have been cutting over 100 million trees throughout our lifetime. But, if we carry on cutting those trees, then we will start to get sick or even die! Our lives are connected to the trees because they are the ones who provide us with the oxygen that we are probably breathing right now! So, if we do not stop killing these harmless trees, then we will die for we will have no oxygen. Here’s a fact. Have you ever felt scared that you might encounter a flood? Well, trees can prevent this from happening by using their roots. Their roots will collect the water and use it to moisture themselves. Trees are also like humans because they make their own food, they drink water, they excrete, collect vitamins and breathe but they do it in a different way. Trees also are homes to little creatures like spiders, birds, squirrels and insects. If we destroy trees, we are destroying homes. If our homes were smashed into pieces, most people will be angry but also upset at the same time. Shouldn’t at least once we think about it?

Author, Mehdi Heidari

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