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Bird, are you free?

Bird, are you free?

Bird, when you fly do you too, have restrictions as to where you can fly or do you fly with freedom, anywhere and everywhere.

Bird, do you get harassed, caged and shot when you pass borders, do the skies have gates and security forces or do you fly border less anywhere and everywhere.

Bird, do you too, get separated from your family when you pass restricted areas or is this confusing and you do not understand the meaning of restricted?

Bird, are you limited to one place, are you restricted because of what colour you are, what shape you are and where you are from, to travel to certain places?

Bird, if not, I want to live like you, free... free-er than the word freedom, free without its buts and all its secret added meanings, free without borders, free without harassment, free in open, free where I can wander everywhere and anywhere.

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